Who We Are

We created this website as an open, honest and caring online environment for men and women who seek information on dealing with abortion. We hope to facilitate the dialog between men and women regarding their abortion experience.

Arthur B. Shostak is an emeritus Professor of Sociology at Drexel University, Phil., PA., who now resides  in Santa Rosa, CA. The author, editor, or co-editor of 34 books and over 160 articles since 1961, he is the primary writer of the 1984 book, Men and Abortion: Lessons, Losses, and Love (Praeger - 1984), an account of the experience of 1,000 men in the waiting rooms of 32 clinics in 18 states, and the only book of its kind.  He continues to gather surveys from waiting-room males to enable him to co-author with sociologist Thomas Johnson a report on post-1984 developments. Some of his articles on the subject are available on this web site, and he welcomes constructive and caring correspondence at arthurshostak@gmail.com.

Claire Keyes reports that most of her life’s work has been in abortion.  She was the director of Allegheny Reproductive Health Center for thirty years, but her heart has always been in counseling.  For more than two decades she trained counselors, often focusing on new paradigms for healing spiritually and emotionally after abortion.   Claire also has an interest in men’s issues, long advocating that abortion providers include men as much as possible. She co-authored  the first ever website for men and abortion.  She produced a series of videos for non-English speaking women explaining the abortion procedure and also created the first website for women and men to leave messages or prayers to aid in emotional healing.  She has presented at the the Abortion Care Network, National Coalition of Abortion Providers, and the National Abortion Federation.  In addition, she co-authored, along with Margaret Johnston, “How Do You Want Your Abortion”, an essay in Viable Utopian Ideas, edited by Arthur Shostak, PhD. Claire welcomes constructive and caring correspondence at claire_keyes@yahoo.com.